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Women's Sport Captures The Public Imagination

Women’s sport captures the public’s imagination.

The status of women’s sport in Australia A recent survey revealed that Australia’s sporting public was more emotionally engaged (and therefore more impressed) by our women’s sporting teams than our men’s. It makes plenty of sense. The Southern Stars recent sweep of the Women’s T20 World Cup in the Caribbean made it an incredible four titles from six events. The…

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Around The Grounds

Cricket’s vanishing act

Australian cricket’s vanishing act  One night early in the history of the BBL when it was clear the concept of city-based franchises with jazzy logos and fluro team colours was working beautifully Adam Gilchrist in a moment of commentary box reflection sat back and observed ‘the BBL as I see it is a six week soap opera, on your screens…

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Cricket’s cultural crisis’, complex problems for a simple game. Peter Newlinds

In my two decades in the working media covering and commentating on Australian men’s cricket, a term I always liked was a ‘Suit’, a general somewhat pejorative term used to refer to an important looking ex- player or official who spent time (often lots of it) watching over cricket matches. I never saw someone wearing a ‘Suit’ taking a wicket…

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Winx – The horse that stops the nation

I’m happy to watch sport for its own sake and I’m not really one for betting on it or gambling of any type. Most of the time I can’t really see the point of it or indeed the fun. It seems to me that however you go about it you can never really win in the long run, so why…

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Cricket in the suburbs – a serene start to the season

When the full-time siren sounds at the AFL Grand Final that’s it for the footy season. The full stop of the final chapter. All that’s left is the trophy presentation, laps of honour and the post-season ritual of best and fairest nights. The season though has definitely ended. The start, exactly six months earlier, is equally as definite. There’s the…

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The game of a lifetime. Drama, human frailty and triumph in the 1989 NSW Rugby League Grand Final

I felt a little misty eyed as the Roosters and Rabbitohs players walked off the Sydney Football Stadium last Saturday night. I’d got to know the Sydney Cricket Ground at Moore Park well during my years as a groundsman/scoreboard operator in the early 1980s. I recall when beehives stood in the corner of the SCG number 2, which is the…

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